Software Consultant

December 14, 2018 technology No comments

Our world is driven by technology. Upgrades in products and services are key to a company’s growth and industry rapport. To nurture your customer’s experience and boost revenue, you need to continually roll out the best experience. (more…)

How Procrastination Can Affect You as a Programmer/Developer

October 5, 2018 musings, technology 2 comments

effects of procrastination

Pursuing a career in programming requires sacrifice, passion, and dedication. You need to always think like a problem solver rather than delaying tasks at hand. Like other jobs, programming has challenges such as work stress and procrastination. As a programmer, you should be aware of how procrastination affects your work.  (more…)

Why I Choose to Use Hosting24 Web Hosting Services

March 11, 2018 technology No comments

hosting24 web hosting services

Finding the right hosting service can be hectic at times to web designers or developers. In my pursuit of a reliable hosting service, I came across Hosting24 and since then, I’ve reaped lots of benefits from this service. Hosting24 officially began offering web hosting packages in 2004. As an ICAN certified registrar, it boasts the following features.


Should You Have a Responsive Website? Here are 6 Reasons

May 21, 2017 technology 1 comment

responsive website feature image

With great strides in the tech industry, there is a significant growth in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile device usage is on the rise given the unlimited number of apps, games and social media interactions. Because of this, clients are bound to check out your business website using devices with varying screen sizes. It is thus essential that you make your site responsive so that your prospective clients can easily browse and find information on the services you offer. Below are six certain reasons for having a responsive website for your business. (more…)

Learning Web Development – The basics

April 26, 2017 technology 2 comments

learning web development

Web development is a comprehensive term describing the tasks involved in developing a website for the internet to be accessed worldwide or for the intranet, accessed on a private network. Creating a large website if you are a beginner is not an easy task, so you have to start by learning from a small site. Once you get a small site, probably a personal one, online, then you can move on to bigger and more complicated sites. There are several steps required in developing a website. Below are detailed procedures for learning web development. (more…)

Adding Google Analytics

April 7, 2017 technology No comments

Adding Google Analytics

The blog is up, and definitely, I would like to know whether I have fans. Yes, I would like to know if people are visiting my main site and also this blog, how much time they spend on my site or going through my blog posts. Which country are they from. (more…)

Hello world!

April 4, 2017 musings 1 comment

“Hello World!” That’s usually the first output when trying to learn a new programming language.  I don’t know who sealed the fate of programmers; that at the beginning of every programming language tutorial, they have to experience a “hello world!” moment. (more…)