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Finding the right hosting service can be hectic at times to web designers or developers. In my pursuit of a reliable hosting service, I came across Hosting24 and since then, I’ve reaped lots of benefits from this service. Hosting24 officially began offering web hosting packages in 2004. As an ICAN certified registrar, it boasts the following features.

  • Reliable Customer Support

Through its live chat feature, Hosting24 promptly responds to any queries that clients send. The customer support team give clear, detailed and thoughtful responses to clients’ queries. Hosting24’s staff members also engage with the company’s customers on popular web hosting forums. The company has a community forum where customers can engage in discussions with each other. The CEO also addresses raised queries and concerns as stated in the company’s about us page.


  • Top-notch Security Features Coupled with Automated Backups

Hosting24 uses a customer-oriented approach to handle the security of their clients’ websites. Once you purchase a web hosting package from them, you get a ClamAV antivirus scanner together with a Cloudfare DDOS Protection kit. You will also benefit from free weekly automated backups for the safety of the data contained in your website. For your site’s email accounts, Hosting24 will offer you SpamAssassin Protection.


  • Servers with Real-time Trackers

When registering for a Hosting24 account, you will be asked to choose between hosting your website in a server based in Europe or North America. Once you select your preferred location, they will offer you a server tracker. This tracker is effective for checking the uptimes of several servers. Using this feature, you can find out if there is a firewall restricting access to your site.


  • Amazing Promotional Deals on Hosting24

Promotional deals are a great way for customers to get discounted prices for certain services and products. Hosting24 usually runs several flash sales throughout the year. To keep tabs on when these sales occur, be sure to follow their Facebook page. For as little as $0.01, new users get to sample all shared hosting packages during their first month. If you have a website hosted on another platform, Hosting24 allows you to transfer it to your newly purchased web hosting account.


  • Cost-effective Shared, Reseller, and VPS Plans

Hosting24’s shared plans include the Gold package ($6.99 a month) and Silver package ($3.99 a month). Both of them come with a free domain, beautiful templates, 99% uptime, unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Hosting24’s reseller plans are perfect for customers who want to run their own web hosting business.

Reseller plans include the Business package (with unlimited bandwidth and disk space for only $22.99 per month) and the Starter package (with 500GB bandwidth and 50GB disk space for $12.99 per month). VPS plans apply to servers that offer secure backups and monitoring statistics. With prices ranging from $10.78 to $86.24 per month, VPS plans differ in terms of disk space and bandwidth.

hosting24 domain name services


  • Domain Name Services

Hosting24 also allows you to buy domain names. For $14.88, you can own .net, .com, .org and other domain names. Before registering any of them, you can check whether other clients have websites with the same address.  When signing up for a hosting plan, you also get a free domain name. However, you will incur $14.88 per year when renewing it.


I have hosted at least ten websites for my esteemed clients on Hosting24, and I plan to develop and host more with this provider. A few of my websites running on Hosting24 include Smart Home & Décor, Hackinroms, and of course, James Shisiah.

When looking for a web hosting company that suits the needs of your upcoming or existing website, you ought to consider several factors. These include customer support, performance and uptime. Be sure to check whether their shared, reseller and VPS plans are cost-effective. The hosting service should offer automated backups on daily or weekly basis together with security features such as DDOS protection kits and antivirus scanners.

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